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Sender: Shelley Smithson


Would just like to comment on how great the service and overall experience I had during my treatment with Cagatay in May 2011.

I am terrified of the denitist in the UK, it doesnt help that I am needle phobic. I was so nervous when travelling to meet Cagatay, but I relaxed as soon as i arrived at his clinic. The clinic is very, very clean and I was impressed.

I had 2 front crowns at an amazing price. No pain during the treatment, and I had my new front teeth within 2 appointments over 5 days.

I cant thank Cagatay enough for giving me back my confidence.....all my friends have commented on how real the teeth look.

Will be booking in for more treatment for my next holiday.

Thanks Cagatay. x
Sender: Geri West


My wedding day was wonderful, and my smile all day had my jaws aching! My teeth look great and have had no problems whatsoever since returning home. Will have some more done asap - thanks so much for all help
Sender: Ian Fear


I came to see Cagatay ARAS in July 2011 following a recommendation from my brother-in-law who had been treated by him a year earlier. I needed crowns and an extraction and was very impressed by the service I received. Cagatay has a good command of English and did an expert work on my teeth, and at a price much cheaper than in the UK. The crowns Cagatay fitted look amazing. The surgery was also spotlessly clean and appeared well equipped with the most up up to date dental apparatus. I will be going back for further treatment, and have no hesitation in recommending Cagatay to my friends and colleagues.    
Sender: Brenda Callaghan


I'm very pleased with the treatment I received from Cagatay. I went there in July based on recommendations from an expat forum. I needed a bridge to replace a lower front tooth. The result is excellent... a perfect fit and perfect match to my natural teeth. He was very pleasant to deal with and was very thorough in taking measurements to ensure a perfect result. I expect to use him again in future and recommend him to others wholeheartedly.
Sender: michael bowe


Sender: George


I smashed my front teeth as a child and have spent all of my adult life with various dentures, although I had the top teeth fixed by a bridge some years ago, my dentist here in the UK said that the only option for the bottom teeth was to continue with a denture. I have problems with my jaw which causes a very difficult bite, most dentists think my jaw has been broken and set in the wrong position.

Last year, after reading many recomendations on the Calis Beach Forum, my wife went to see Cagatay to have veneers fitted, she was delighted with the results and so I thought I would ask Cagatay to confirm the bad news that I was stuck with this denture. He sent me away for a 360 degree xray (never had this in the UK) and after some consideration he told me that mine was a difficult case but he could build a horeshoe bridge for my lower teeth.

Over 6 visits in 10 days in September this year, he has pulled off what I can only describe as a miraicle ! I now have perfectly straight and very natural looking lower teeth. His attention to detail is brilliant, he had the dental technician who made the bridge in the surgery with him for several hours looking at the tiny adjustments required for a perfect job.

The great news does not stop there, I am going back to see Cagatay in March next year to have a couple of implants in my top jaw and some further work to make the top teeth as good as the bottom.

I can't wait for the dentist here in Brynn to call me in for a check up.

Thank you Cagaty, you have changed my life.

Sender: Gerda Kooij


I am very happy with my 20 new crowns.
Before the treatment I looked in the mirror two times a day when I brussed my theeth now I can"t stop looking.I have more self-confidence after the treatment.The appartment was very nice and we enjoyed it while we where at the appartment, the landscape was very impressive for us.I am very happy with my new teeth and gratefull.
Thanks Cagatay.
Gerda Kooij. Velsen , Holland.
Sender: Gerda Kooij


Al een tijdje liep ik met de gedachte om mijn gehele gebit te voorzien van kronen i.p.v. protheses.
Dit moest vrij snel gebeuren omdat anders de mogelijkheid tot het plaatsen van kronen niet meer mogelijk zou zijn.
In Nederland is dit voor mij niet te betalen en daarom ben ik over de grens gaan kijken.
Googlelend op het net kwam ik in contact met een organisatie die de behandeling uitvoert in Istanbul Turkije.
Dit scheelde veel geld met een behandeling in Nederland en ik was vast besloten de behandeling daar te laten uitvoeren.
Via een Turkse collega van mijn man ben ik echter in contact gekomen met de tandarts in Fethiye Turkije genaamd Cagatay Aras.
Bij Cagatay Aras kon ik kronen laten plaatsen met een zirkonium bases waar omheen het porselein in laagjes wordt opgebouwd.
Dit kon voor ongeveer de zelfde prijs als volledig porselein kronen in Istanbul.
De voordelen van zirkonium kronen zijn op te zoeken op internet.
Toen hiervoor het besluit was genomen is alles in een heel rap tempo gegaan.
Cagatay Aras heeft een heel mooi appartement geregeld en kon voor vervoer zorgen vanaf het vliegveld Dalaman naar Fethiye.
Binnen gekomen in de praktijk zie je gelijk dat het er heel modern en hygiënisch aan toe gaat.
Omdat mijn hele gebit (20 kronen) vernieuwd moest worden is de eerste dag van behandeling niet prettig geweest en heb ik een aantal uren in de stoel gezeten.
Ook daarna was de plastic smaak in mijn mond van de noodkronen niet prettig maar dit is te verwaarlozen bij de enorme tevredenheid wat ik heb over de behandeling en het resultaat wat hier uit voort gekomen is. Cagatay Aras bedankt voor alles.
Naast de behandeling heb ik genoten van de tijd die ik in Fethiye heb doorgebracht.
Het was in de periode dat ik geweest ben, begin december, prachtig weer en heb ik nog veel van het plaatsje en de mooie omgeving kunnen zien.
Voor een ieder die ook loopt met de gedachte om zoiets te laten uitvoeren en nog meer informatie wil kan bij mij terecht. Ik ben te bereiken op tel. nr. 0251220176
Sender: Juliet and Richard Wilson


Juliet and Richard both received treatment from Cagatay and his team back in February 2012. Richard needed some very extensive bridgework following some UK treatment that went wrong and Juliet also needed bridgework having been trying to find solutions to her teeth problems for over 3 years. Not only did Cagatay come up with innovative and technically challenging solutions to our problems, but he, his assistant and the dental technician worked all weekend as well as every day during the week that we were there in order to complete the bridgework and associated root fillings and other preparation work. Richard's large bridge had to have a metal base so could be made and adjusted in the nearby laboratory until a perfect fit was achieved. Juliet's two bridges were in Zirconium oxide and were dispatched to and from another town during the course of her treatment. The fact that all this was achieved in one week was amazing. We would of course recommend a longer period so that more time can be spent enjoying this worderful part of Turkey.
Sender: Maria O'Hare


Having had problems with my teeth & visiting my dentist 5 times at home in Scotland before coming to Calis. I paid a visit to Cagatay Aras in Fethiye as my husband had been to him last summer. Cagatay sorted that problem for me with out any difficulty. After 21 years of suffering the use of a partial denture he also said he could provide me with 2 dental bridges. This was a delight to hear! After a few visits I have finally had them fitted today & they are wonderful!
A big thank you to Cagatay & his staff - they are just perfect - they match beautifully with my own teeth & the fit is very comfortable. I would highly recommend Cagatay & his staff to anyone considering dental work or having problems
We will certainly be going back to see him for regular checkups.

Maria O'Hare

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